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Used feller bunchers for sale

Below is the current list of ads for used feller bunchers machines in the forestry category. Click all brands of used feller bunchers if you want to check the available used feller bunchers machines sorted by brand. You can also narrow the search results of feller bunchers by selecting filters in the refine search navigation on left hand side.
Mascus is the web’s largest marketplace with online classifieds of used feller bunchers and other used forestry equipment for sale.

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  • John Deere 643, 2016, Feller bunchersJohn Deere 643LReach: No

    Feller bunchers
    2016 6,491 h
    United States, Alexandria, LA

    133,857 AUD
  • Prentice 2570, 2016, Feller bunchersPrentice 2570CReach: No

    Feller bunchers
    2016 7,215 h
    United States, Lufkin, TX

    101,848 AUD
  • Caterpillar 563 C, 2012, Feller bunchersCaterpillar 563C

    Feller bunchers
    2012 9,996 h
    United States, Washington, GA

    65,473 AUD
  • Hydro-Ax 670, 2006, Feller bunchersHydro-Ax 670

    Feller bunchers
    2006 8,334 h
    United States, St. George, South Carolina

    79,296 AUD
  • Prentice 410C, 1992, Feller bunchersPrentice 410C

    Feller bunchers
    1992 1,683 h
    United States, Clifton Park, NY

    42,194 AUD
  • Caterpillar 521, 2014, Feller bunchersCaterpillar 521B

    Feller bunchers
    2014 5,767 h
    United States, Montgomery, AL

    283,718 AUD
  • John Deere 843 K, 2013, Feller bunchersJohn Deere 843KReach: No

    Feller bunchers
    2013 8,129 h
    United States, Shreveport, LA

    61,109 AUD
  • Caterpillar 538FM, 2017, Feller bunchersCaterpillar 538FM

    Feller bunchers
    2017 879 h
    United States, Montgomery, AL

    640,912 AUD
  • Tigercat 860, 1998, Feller bunchersTigercat 860

    Feller bunchers
    1998 5,696 h
    United States, St. George, South Carolina

    85,115 AUD
  • Caterpillar 553 C, 2014, Feller bunchersCaterpillar 553C

    Feller bunchers
    2014 4,990 h
    United States, LA

    137,487 AUD
  • Other SLASHBUSTER HD 422, Feller bunchersOther SLASHBUSTER HD 422

    Feller bunchers

    United States, St. George, South Carolina

    22,552 AUD
  • John Deere 643 K, 2012, Feller bunchersJohn Deere 643K

    Feller bunchers
    2012 8,100 h
    United States, Tallahassee, Florida

    95,882 AUD
  • Caterpillar 538LL, 2017, Feller bunchersCaterpillar 538LL

    Feller bunchers
    2017 2,011 h
    United States, MS

  • Caterpillar 521, 2015, Feller bunchersCaterpillar 521B

    Feller bunchers
    2015 939 h
    United States, Syracuse, NY

    739,122 AUD
  • Caterpillar 325 D FM, 2013, Feller bunchersCaterpillar 325D FMLL

    Feller bunchers
    2013 10,626 h
    United States, Santa Rosa, CA

    240,069 AUD
  • Timberjack 608, 1997, Feller bunchersTimberjack 608

    Feller bunchers
    United States, Brainerd, Minnesota

    58,053 AUD
  • Caterpillar 320 D FM, 2014, Feller bunchersCaterpillar 320D FMLL

    Feller bunchers
    2014 10,172 h
    United States, Redmond, OR

    232,067 AUD
  • Caterpillar 552, 2016, Feller bunchersCaterpillar 552 II

    Feller bunchers
    2016 2,788 h
    United States, Portland, OR

    624,907 AUD
  • Tigercat 720E, 2013, Feller bunchersTigercat 720E

    Feller bunchers
    2013 8,714 h
    United States, Hickory, Mississippi

    123,672 AUD
  • Caterpillar 553 C, 2015, Feller bunchersCaterpillar 553C

    Feller bunchers
    2015 3,637 h
    United States, Macon, GA

    127,621 AUD

This is a list of used forestry machinery for sale on Mascus Australia featuring used forestry equipment from Australia as well as all over the world. If you are interested in any of the listings, click on the checkbox next to it to add it to favourites or compare with others feller bunchers. If you want to make a more detailed query, please go back to the top of the page and use the "new search" option.

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