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    Used Närko used trucks and buses for sale

    Browse ads of used Närko used trucks and buses for sale from across Australia and Asia Pacific and worldwide. The most recent ads are at the top and can use the "Sort by" button to sort these used Närko used trucks and buses by brand, year, price, hours of use, country. To refine your serach, use the links on the left of the page. If you wish to search any other used used trucks and buses for sale click used trucks and buses. You can also read more about Närko used trucks and buses in Brands section.

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    • Närko Avolava konttilukoilla, 1997, Other semi-trailers

      Närko Avolava konttilukoillaLatest Date of Inspection: 11-2018, Gross weight: 24000, Colour: Vihreä

      Other semi-trailers
      Finland, Forssa

      5,336 AUD
    • Närko 4-ax släp transportskåp, 2013, Box Trailers

      Närko 4-ax släp transportskåpCondition 1-5 (low to high): 5, Registration year: 2013, Axle type: 4, Suspension type: Air-air, Front tyres remaining: min 50%, Rear tyres remaining : min 50%, Colour: Vit, Body options: Full side opening

      Box Trailers
      Sweden, Helsingborg

    • Närko NCP m/container, 2005, Other trailers

      Närko NCP m/container

      Other trailers
      2005 1
      Norway, Kviby

      9,784 AUD
    • Närko 3 akselinen kylkiaukeava 2 lämpö kylmäkärry, 2005, Temperature controlled semi-trailers

      Närko 3 akselinen kylkiaukeava 2 lämpö kylmäkärryInsulation: FRC, Climate control: Refridgerated Freezer Heated , Manufacturer / Bodywork: Närko, Axle type: 3, Suspension type: Air-air, Body work type: Fixed, Body options: Drum brakes Full side opening Rear doors

      Temperature controlled semi-trailers
      Finland, Turku

      25,165 AUD
    • Närko TK SMX, 1994, Other semi-trailers

      Närko TK SMXRegistration year: 1994, Brakes: RUMPU

      Other semi-trailers
      Finland, PORI

      8,760 AUD
    • Närko Konttiperävaunu, 2008, Container semi-trailers

      Närko KonttiperävaunuRegistration year: 2008, Suspension type: Air-air, Body work type: Extendible, Colour: harmaa

      Container semi-trailers
      Finland, Somero

      12,742 AUD
    • Närko 2axl Skåpvagn D2yw13/11, 2010, Box Trailers

      Närko 2axl Skåpvagn D2yw13/11Registration year: 2010, Axle type: 1+1, Wheelbase: 6530, Max. payload: 14550, Gross weight: 20000, Brakes: Skivbroms, Suspension type: Air-air, Body work type: Mega, Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 8370 x 2490 x 2500 , Front tyre size: 265/70R19 5 , Rear tyre size: 265/70R19 5

      Box Trailers
      Sweden, SKARA

    • Närko Keskiakseliperävaunu, 2003, Curtainsider trailers

      Närko KeskiakseliperävaunuCondition 1-5 (low to high): 4, Amount of previous owners: 1, Registration year: 10.04.2003, Axle type: 1+1, Manufacturer / Bodywork: pressukapelli, Max. payload: 13100, Gross weight: 18000, Brakes: rumpu, Suspension type: Air-air, Wheelbase: 5100 / 1820, Vehicle's outer dimensions: 9.35 x 2.55 x 4 , Front tyres remaining: 50%, Rear tyres remaining : 50%, Front tyre size: 385/55R2

      Curtainsider trailers
      Finland, Imatra

      6,371 AUD
    • Närko Foldedøre, 2013, Temperature controlled semi-trailers

      Närko FoldedøreLatest Date of Inspection: 25/05-2018, Condition 1-5 (low to high): 3, Amount of previous owners: 1, Insulation: FRC, Climate control: Refridgerated Freezer Heated , Pallet capacity: 33, Manufacturer / Bodywork: Närko, Axle type: 3, Brakes: Skiver, Suspension type: Air-air, Guarantee: Nej, Front tyre size: 385/55-22 5 , Colour: Rød, Production country: FI, Body options: ADR Disc brakes Rear doors Full side opening

      Temperature controlled semi-trailers
      Denmark, Nordjylland

    • Närko Skåp, 2007, Boxes

      Närko SkåpTransport dimensions (LxWxH): 0.75x0.25x0.3


      2,330 AUD
    • Närko 3-akslet tipphenger, 1994, Prime Movers

      Närko 3-akslet tipphenger

      Prime Movers
      1994 1,000 km
      Norway, Fauske

      21,198 AUD
    • Närko DP2-180, 1998, Other semi-trailers

      Närko DP2-180Front tyres remaining: 0%, Condition 1-5 (low to high): 4, Rear tyres remaining : 0%

      Other semi-trailers

    • Närko 2pp2s-Ukrgs30-280, 2001, Box semi-trailers

      Närko 2pp2s-Ukrgs30-280Axle type: 2, Wheelbase: 4x4 / x 2 (optional), Gross weight: 28000, Brakes: Trummor, Body work type: Mega, Front tyre size: 265/70R19 5 , Rear tyre size: 265/70R19 5 , Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 9270x2600x2100, Body options: Tail-lift

      Box semi-trailers
      Sweden, Skara

    • Närko N/KCW walking floor, 2005, Box semi-trailers

      Närko N/KCW walking floorGross weight: 9880

      Box semi-trailers
      Norway, Hordaland

      22,828 AUD
    • Närko 5 axlat fjärrsläp nytt, 2018, Box Trailers

      Närko 5 axlat fjärrsläp nyttCondition 1-5 (low to high): 5, Suspension type: Air-air

      Box Trailers
      Sweden, Västerås

      133,605 AUD
    • Närko T-1310+SIDE OPENING+ADR, 2009, Box semi-trailers

      Närko T-1310+SIDE OPENING+ADRRegistration year: 02.07.2009, Wheelbase: 7490/1310/1360, Max. payload: 31170, Gross weight: 42000, Suspension type: Air-air, Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 13.4 x 2.43 x 2.53 , Front tyres remaining: 60%, Rear tyres remaining : 70%, Front tyre size: 385/55 R 22 5 , Rear tyre size: 385/65 R 22 5 , Condition 1-5 (low to high): 5, Body options: ADR Rear doors

      Box semi-trailers
      Estonia, Otepää

      22,139 AUD
    • Närko D5HW13L62, 2018, Box Trailers

      Närko D5HW13L62Latest Date of Inspection: InspectionGrade, : WheelBase, : CargoSpaceDimensions, Front tyre size: RearTyreSize, Colour: TruckExtras

      Box Trailers

      143,703 AUD
    • Närko Dolly, 2002, Dollies and Dolly Trailers

      Närko Dolly

      Dollies and Dolly Trailers

      7,964 AUD
    • Närko Kylkiaukeava pv vm-05, WLC-891, 2005, Temperature controlled trailers

      Närko Kylkiaukeava pv vm-05, WLC-891Registration year: 2005, Insulation: No, Climate control: Heated, Manufacturer / Bodywork: Närko, Axle type: 2+3, Max. payload: 42000, Gross weight: 12350, Brakes: BPW Disc, Suspension type: Air-air, Wheelbase: 8110mm, Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 13.35 x 2.45 x 2.75 , Body work type: Fixed, Vehicle's outer dimensions: 13.6 x 2.6 x 4.2 , Front tyre size: 445/4

      Temperature controlled trailers
      Finland, Kolppi

    • Närko Flak Kapell D4yp53a19, 2010, Curtainsider trailers

      Närko Flak Kapell D4yp53a19Registration year: 2010, Axle type: 2+2, Max. payload: 26480, Gross weight: 36000, Brakes: Skivbroms, Suspension type: Air-air, Wheelbase: 1330/6900/1800, Cargo space dimensions(LxWxH): 12500 x 2600 x 2800 , Body work type: Mega, Front tyre size: 445/45R19 5 , Rear tyre size: 445/45R19 5

      Curtainsider trailers
      Sweden, SKARA


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